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Keeping Up With Kris No Problem

If you missed "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" because you were watching the Mavs overwhelm the Heat, you didn't miss much.  All the story lines had been telegraphed in the promotional materials unless of course you were interested in Kris Humphries' romantic burps at the beginning of the show.

The heavily promoted confrontation between Humphries and Kim's brother Rob will actually take place next episode. The big news of the day re the Kardashian Humphries nuptials is that People has agreed to pay the two $1 million for exclusive coverage of the summer wedding ... after paying $300,000 for coverage of the engagement.  ls this a concern for the Nets? Nah, Avery Johnson tells CBS. "The life that he’s leading right now, that’s just a part of this new social media, that’s just a part of his lifestyle," said Johnson. ""He knows how much we want him back."