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Kim Seems Surprised That Kris Is On-Camera "Natural" in Debut

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Kris Humphries played 74 NBA games this season, almost all of them televised (Thanks, YES). With an average viewership of a little more than 22,000, that means he was seen by about 1.5 million viewers this year. He could be seen by triple that Sunday night on the season premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

And the future Mrs. Humphries says he's going to follow up his surprising season with a surprising reality TV debut.

"He was so natural," Kardashian tells People Magazine. "I don't think he would have planned to be in a relationship that has cameras around and stuff like that, but he's done such a good job." She also hints about what we will see: "You'll feel like you're learning a lot about us ... [and] our relationship and get a good understanding of how we got so close and what our relationship is like." We can hardly wait till 10p ET, but isn't there something else on.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly reveals the identity of the couple's matchmaker --and potential best man-- Jordan Farmar!