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D-Will Agency a Test of LeBron Will?

Adrian Wojanarowski writes Sunday of LeBron James, not just the mock coughing LeBron James or fourth quarter blues LeBron James or the Heat of the Moment LeBron James, but the corporate LeBron James, the one that's trying to re-shape stardom in the NBA, in his own image and likeness...and how Deron Williams fits in.

WIthout saying so directly, Woj writes that if D-Will signs with CAA after dumping his longtime agent, it will help cement LeBron's legacy off the court, even if he can't do it in the Finals. 

He writes, "And now, the New Jersey NetsDeron Williams is strongly considering joining up with CAA after firing his longtime agent. Within the NBA, this surprised people because Williams had always been so fiercely independent. He never star-gazed James like most of his young teammates, and never seemed inclined to follow."