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For Kidd, A Chance to Grab a Ring That Was Out of Reach in Jersey

Jason Kidd remembers the skepticism on arrival in New Jersey.  As the Post's Mike Vaccaro reports, Kidd's first four games at the Meadowlands were played before "friends and family": 8,749 against Indiana in his debut, 6,532 against the Hornets, 5,277 against the Sonics, 5,630 against the pre-LeBron Cavaliers.

"I don’t blame them for staying away," Kidd told Vaccaro, then with the Star-Ledger, after one of those games. "There’s been a lot of bad basketball here over the years. They want to make sure we aren’t the same old Nets."

They weren't of course. They were nothing like the Nets that preceded his arrival or followed his departure. On Sunday night, he will be somewhere he's never been before, one victory away from a ring, after 19 years in the league. It will be nostalgic for a lot of Nets fans, yearning for that one bit of redemption, even if vicarious.