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Ratner, Vindicated at Last, Talks About the Seven-Year Battle for Brooklyn

The Nets simply refer to Bruce Ratner nowadays as the developer of Barclays Center.  He hasn't been principal owner since last May when Mikhail Prokhorov took control of 80% of the team. He is, like a lot of the old investors, a minority owner, but as Stefan Bondy writes, he's something else: vindicated.

"Groundbreaking alone was vindication of sorts," Ratner says. "But, of course, the final frosting on the vindication cake will be when we open the doors."

In the process, he's been vilified by the critics of his Atlantic Yards project and he and his fellow investors have lost "several hundred million dollars", according to David Stern (and public records).

Still, as each piece of steel rises and precast concrete is laid down, Barclays Center is seen as good news for the Nets. The critics continue to complain, loudly, that it's not good for Brooklyn and a new documentary on their failed struggle has gotten them press again.

Bottom line, as Ratner and Prokhorov might have said, but Borough President Marty Markowitz did, "In spite of seven years of the worst lawsuits and public opposition and rallies and protests and lies and threats and cursing and, you name it, we came through it, and Brooklyn is going to be the better for it."