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Overton on Iverson: He Wants to Finish His Career the Right Way

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Doug Overton, Nets' development coach, backed up Allen Iverson on the 76ers for parts of three seasons, but has known him since college when they played against each other in the summer. He considers Iverson a personal friend.

So when word spread this week that A.I. wants to make a comeback, a Philly talk radio blog asked Overton his opinion.

"I look at him a little bit different from the way everybody else looks at him, as the star Allen Iverson," said a subdued Overton, choosing his words carefully in talking to WOB Sports in Philadephia. "I know what kind of person he is at heart and I know how much it means to him to play basketball and to finish his career out the way he wants to.

"Of course he made some mistakes. We all do and he's kind of going through it right now and feeling it right now and hopefully, he can get back healthy again and get his shot, a shot at getting back but who knows," continued Overton.  "But you always want to see somebody end up the way they want to end up".

Asked about the Nets' move to Brooklyn, Overton talked mostly about the effect of playing in New York City: "You're going to be in the Big Apple and you're going to be in Brooklyn and New York and you want to be prepared and have a team ready to go ... When you get a chance to play in the big city, you know you got to bring your 'A' game so we'll be ready for that".