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Nets Scouts Travel to Eurocamp

With as many as a third of the first round picks from overseas, the Nets have dispatched their top scout to Italy where he'll meet up with the team's international scout to watch European prospects this weekend at the Adidas Eurocamp outside Venice.

Gregg Polinsky and Danko Cvjeticanin will spend the weekend in Treviso.

Like the Pre-Draft Combine, not everyone will be showing up and some will only attend for measurements and drills and others will only make themselves available for private or limited workouts off-site. There's also a camp for younger players.

Who might be available where the Nets pick, assuming they don't move up (or down) from their current spots at #27 and #36? 

Davis Bertans, a 6'10" 18-year-old shooter from Latvia (who might still drop out); Bojan Bogdanovic, 22, a 6'7" small forward from Serbia; and Lucas Nogueira, a Brazilian 18-year-old who's 6'11" but painfully thin and raw. Other top Euros, like Lithuanian seven-footer Donatas Motiejunas (above), have been jumping all over draft boards and could be in range if the Nets decided to trade up.

Meanwhile, Fred Kerber tells FOX Sports the Nets like guards Marshon Brooks of Providence and Malcolm Lee of UCLA.