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From Ason Kidd to "J"ason Kidd: The Role of Nets' Last Shooting Coach

Bob Thate served as Nets shooting coach from 2004-05, when he started on a part time basis with Nenad Krstic and Jason Collins, through 2007-08 when he, like his prize pupil, Jason Kidd, left the organization.  His official role, "shooting coach" has never been filled.  Too bad, considering what he's done for Kidd.

John Schuhmann of profiles the Nets' last shooting coach, talking about how only a few Nets were interested in his services and how he got Kidd to join the first tutoring T.J. Kidd on his form, then telling Jason, "his seven year old son had better form than he did." WIth his new touch and his longevity. the man once known as "Ason Kidd" (No "J") is now the third leading three point scorer in NBA history, behind only Ray Allen and Reggie Miller.