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Avery: "Need To Do Big In Draft"

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

In an interview at the Brooklyn Public Library Thursday, Avery Johnson made it clear the Nets are not taking the draft lightly, even if they're [currently] picking at #27 and #36 in what virtually everyone thinks is a bad draft.

"We need to do big in the draft, we need to continue to grow in a couple of different key positions," he told CBS New York, adding, "With Deron Williams and Brook Lopez returning, one of the best center and point guard combinations in the NBA, we feel we have a chance to get better pretty quickly."

Johnson, who's been seen around the borough a lot lately, was at the library to tip off its Annual Summer Reading event by reading a book to local children.  Appropriately, it was "Salt in his Shoes", written by Deloris Jordan, Michael's mother, about his devotion to the game.