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Yormark Uses "Brooklyn Nets" Five Times in WCBS Radio Interview


It's becoming the worst kept secret in New York sports: the Nets' new name.  After Bruce Ratner told Bloomberg News that he thinks the team name will stay the Nets, Brett Yormark used the phrase "Brooklyn Nets" five times in five minutes (and three times in one 12-second riff)  in talking to WCBS 880 Radio. Both men have said the team, that is Mikhail Prokhorov, will decide in "a few months".

Ratner and Yormark have said "Brooklyn" will be in the name and both are now on the record saying they like the sound of "Brooklyn Nets", but they keep saying it's not yet a done deal. Prokhorov owns 80% of the Nets. The team filed papers for a name change with the NBA last August, but didn't specify what the new names would be. 

Meanwhile, Yormark also said that he is surprised and excited about  the number of New Jersey fans who have already bought season tickets for the 2012-13 season in Brooklyn, but didn't provide specifics, nor was he asked.  Ken Belson in the Times wrote that by deciding to market tickets so early, the Nets  "are abandoning their traditional fans in New Jersey"