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King Hopes Lightning Strikes at #27

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

At the conclusion of the Nets' two day group workout, which saw several more high profile prospects drop out of the draft, Billy King was still not saying who he liked among the 44 players he saw.  But he offered some idea of what he's looking looking ...and hoping... for when the Nets pick at #27 in Newark on the night of June 23.

"Generally when you are picking down there you are going to get guys that are four-year guys who are more ready to come in and play, maybe not as starters but a piece of the puzzle," King said. "Sometimes you can get guys late in the first that people just overlook. ... Tony Parker was 29, [Manu] Ginobili was late in the second."

Fred Kerber reports the Nets liked what they saw in Jon Diebler, the 6'6" Ohio State sharpshooter who's projected somewhere around the team's two picks, at #27 and #35 or #36, depending on the May 17 Draft Lottery.

At one point in the interview, King was asked if he knew where he picked, "27," replied King, pausing and smiling before adding, "Right now."  Later, King noted, "We could move up.  We could get out of the draft. You never know until you get going and start talking to people."