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Will Laker Demise Set Up Bidding War for D12?

The Magic were done in by the Hawks and now it looks like the Lakers could be sent fishing by the Mavericks

Ken Berger thinks that with Dwight Howard still not committed to Orlando --he won't even acknowledge a contract extension exists-- and the Lakers looking to rebuild, you could see a bidding war for Howard, one that would include the Nets.

Saying Howard likes the idea of playing in either L.A. or New York, Berger believes the Lakers have the most to offer in part because they might be willing to absorb one or both of the Magic's two albatross contracts, the more than $90+  million owed Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu, neither of whom the Magic want around in a rebuilding process.

"Of the teams Howard is likely to consider when exercising his early-termination option after next season -- sources say the Lakers, Knicks and Nets are the strong favorites -- L.A. is the one with the most attractive trade assets," he writes. "The massive contracts attached to the Lakers' most desirable players also puts them in the rare position of being able to absorb either Arenas or Turkoglu as a way to soften the blow for Orlando".

As for the Nets, he writes, "The Nets are more focused on acquiring a top-tier talent to pair with Williams as they prepare for their move to Brooklyn in 2012, and Howard is most certainly at the top of their list".