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Draft Camp About Scouting, Exposure

With picks at the end of the first round and beginning of the second, this weekend's group workout at PNY Center is a good match for the Nets, because none of the prospects are likely to be taken much higher than the the Nets' picks at #27 and #35 or #36. Even some slated for that part of the draft, like Kyle Singler, have declined invites.

But there is another value for the Nets, says Billy King. "Any chance you get to see these guys play in a 5-on-5 setting where you're putting them in an NBA setting like pick-and-rolls, high pick-and-rolls, NBA plays, seeing how guys react and respond is great," Nets general Billy King said. "For us, any chance you get a chance to add exposure to the Nets, it's great."

The camp will have another added value for the Nets: they'll be looking as well at prospects to sign for the Springfield Armor and for the D-League Draft in early November.