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Nets To Hold Individual Workouts Following Draft Lottery

Once the Nets finish up with this weekend's group workout at PNY Center, their focus will shift to planning individual workouts. The first will take place following the Chicago Pre-Draft camp May 18-22 and another group workout in Minnesota May 23-24. Some 44 college players will show their wares Saturday and Sunday in Jersey.

Most top prospects have avoided the group workout out of fear they'll get injured in the 5-on-5's (or be shown to have spent too little time getting ready).  Still, the Nets say this session will have more teams (all 30) and more scouts than the two group workouts they previously hosted.  The Nets hold the #27 pick in the first round and either #35 or #36 in the second, depending on the Lottery May 17.

Who to watch this weekend? The best player is probably Boston College PG Reggie Jackson, writes Fred Kerber.  With four point guards on the roster, he's unlikely to attract much interest from the Nets.  Jon Diebler, known at Ohio State as "Three-Bler" for his deep shooting, may be on the Nets radar, according to Kerber. Bobby Marks is organizing the event.