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Are Nets, Grizzlies the NBA's Biggest Money Losers?

In a chat earlier this week, Chris Sheridan writes that the Nets, along with the Grizzlies, represent a "large portion of the leaguewide losses of $300 million for the current season and the larger losses in recent seasons." Sheridan didn't put any figure on the losses, but the Nets' low attendance and relatively small local TV rights have led to losses that have reached $35 million annually in recent years.

Mikhail Prokhorov is eating a big part of the team's losses while it remains in New Jersey.

Sheridan discussed the losses in arguing that Memphis' success in the playoffs could hurt the owners negotiating strategy in labor talks. "The NBA keeps saying it wants teams to have a chance to compete for a championship and a chance to be profitable, and if the Grizz make it another round or two it sort of undermines one of their arguments".