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Slim Pickins' at Draft Workout

No sooner had the Nets released the list of the  44 players who are scheduled to try out this weekend than Chad Ford tweeted that two more of the top prospects had dropped out. "NJ Draft Workout getting shakier by the day. Tyler Honeycutt & Darius Morris out. Looks like Reggie Jackson will pull out as well."

Moreover,  none of the six players Ford said were "on the fence" last week agreed to work out at the PNY Center. The workout is hosted by the Nets and sponsored by the Nets, Knicks and Rockets. All 30 NBA teams are expected to attend.

Although disappointing, it shouldn't affect the Nets individual workouts. And there are at least two second round prospects who've caught the Nets' eye and are still scheduled to work out: DeAndre Liggins, a 6'6" Kentucky small forward and Jon Diebler, a 6'6" Ohio State shooting guard.