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The Czar Rules on Kushchenko

No, not the Czar of all the Russias. He's been done for a while. The Czar of all the Telestrators, Mike Fratello!  Marv and Ian's sidekick was in Moscow, on his way to Kiev to coach Ukraine's national team, when he dropped by Sergei Kushchenko's 50th birthday party and met Mikhail Prokhorov ...for the first time.

Fratello has known Kushchenko for a few years and endorsed his appointment to the Nets board of directors.  On his website, Fratello called the newest member of the Nets board of directors, "a pioneer who helped transform CSKA into a modern, world-class club that put Russia back on the map of great basketball countries".

The Nets' and TNT analyst described the party Prokhorov threw for his friend:

"Incredible" wrote Fratello on his website. "An eclectic ensemble of bands from around the world performed along with some local favorites. Sergey’s son also gave an impressive piano recital. There was a continual flow of food and libations the entire night."