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NetsDaily Site News Update

We've updated our news sections this weekend, adding and filling out three new ones: 2011 NBA Draft, 2011 Free Agency and Springfield Armor.  Clicking on either the section link at the top of the post, after author, date and time posted, or within the sections column on the upper left hand corner of the site will take you to all the stories we've published on that subject. We've retained the sections for the 2010 NBA Draft, 2010 Free Agency and 2010 Coaching Search and we're constantly updating some of the others, including stories on the Nets' move to Brooklyn and Site News, where this item will wind up.

A couple of other points on locating material on NetsDaily. Clicking a highlighted name of a player, coach or team within the text will link you to content on all 300+ SB Nation blogs.  If you're looking for stories on individuals whose names are not highlighted, add "/tags/" and then the name, with a dash between first and last names, to the end of the NetsDaily url.  For example, if you're looking for stories on Christophe Charlier, the Nets chairman, you can get all the items we've tagged at, broken down by stories, fan posts and fan shots. There's also the archive of all our stories since the site was launched on Feb. 6, 2004.

Sorting out stories can be imperfect and may be incomplete. For example, we've included most of the stories about Deron Williams' potential free agency under 2011 Free Agency but those related to the billboards erected near Barclays Center are filed under Brooklyn. Hope this helps...and if anyone has any other hints, feel free to share.