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D-Will: "We Need Some Players"; Likes The Organization's Prospects

In interviews with ESPN, FOX Sports...and the Nets' Chris Carrino, Deron Williams reiterated that the Nets organization has been great to him and is "great top to bottom", but that the bottom line for him is as it's always been: "getting some players".

"I'm definitely liking the organization," he told the ESPNs Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo. "I'm liking Coach Johnson, and after numerous discussions with the organization, i feel they're going in the right direction."

Separately, he told Carrino on the Nets website,  "I like the prospect of staying here" and said one of his jobs next season will be get Brook Lopez to be "a dominant force every night, not just every other night."

Asked about what it will take to get him to stay, Williams said what he's said from Day One. "To be honest with you, we just have to get players.  That's it.  Everything else is great: the organization is great from top to bottom, the owner is committed to winning, committed to getting players. That's the bottom line. We have to get some players." 

Williams said the Nets know that's what it will take to keep him, "Yeah, i think so. I think they know that. I think they knew that going into the situation...i think that's doable, especially now. In Utah, it wasnt as easy. Here once they move to brooklyn, thats definitely appealing to people, a new arena and the ownership. The owner is committed to winning. So it's a lot easier still."