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Was Jazz Ownership Fully On-Board with D-Will Trade? Apparently Not

In an interview with Utah television station KSL, Jazz CEO Greg Miller admits he didn't inform the team's chairman --his mother-- about the Deron Williams trade until after the fact. That's led fans to suggest the younger Miller believed his mother, widow of long time owner Larry Miller, wouldn't have approved the trade.

"It seems to be a case of it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission," writes Basketball John in SLC Dunk, SBNation's Jazz blog.  Greg Miller said that when he explained after the fact how the deal would help the team she approved. Gail Miller reportedly owns the larger share of the Jazz.

Miller seemed cool to re-signing free agent Andrei Kirilenko, citing his history of injuries.  Kirilenko has called the Nets, with their Russian owner and D-Will at the point "very interesting."  Kirilenko who played for Mikhail Prokhorov at CSKA Moscow before he was drafted by Utah and Prokhorov tried to buy him out of his Jazz contract in 2007 after AK-47 led Russia to the European championship.