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For Carrino, a Steadying Foundation

In a first-person account for Yahoo! Sports' "The Post-Game", Chris Carrino details just how FSHD, a form of muscular dystrophy, affects his daily life and his routine as the Nets' play-by-play announcer.

It makes traveling the country a challenge, hoisting myself up the stairs to the plane, one step at a time. Most of the team bus drivers around the league know to lower the steps of the bus or have a stepstool to help me board that first step. I've gotten to know every elevator in every arena and stadium I visit, avoiding stairs whenever possible. I do the pre-game show standing, knowing the national anthem is coming, trying to limit the amount of times I have to get up from my seat.

It's all part of his effort, through his newly formed Chris Carrino Foundation, to raise awareness of what the disease means to those who suffer from it and what can be done to end it.