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Heat Success, Williams Acquisition Point to Superstar Strategy for Nets

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Back in July, not long after the Big Three signed (or in the case of Dwyane Wade re-signed) with the Heat, a curious letter to the editor showed up in USA Today.  Mikhail Prokhorov endorsed the choice of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Wade to play together.

"I respect their choice, and no one has the right to judge them," wrote the Nets owner. "We are seeing the birth of a new, dynamic team with such star players, and all of us can await the new season with great anticipation. I wish them success and give them my moral support."

What was the point? By now, it should be quite clear: Prokhorov was endorsing the idea of building a team with superstars. And with one already in hand (and at the most important position), expect the Nets' front office to continue to pursue others, starting with Dwight Howard.

Gregory Hrinya of the Examiner writes Sunday that the Heat have become the model for the Nets, something Avery Johnson has supported as well.  Whether the Nets succeed with Howard, don't expect any let up in hunt for a Big Two or Big Three in Brooklyn.