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Late Night Talk Targets Nets Woes

Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel told his audience, "Kris Humphries wanted to give Kim a nice ring because playing for the Nets he’ll never get one himself."

Then, on Friday night, Jay Leno took note of the happy couple's escape to Monte Carlo and the Formula One Grand Prix  saying: "Kim Kardashian is on vaction in Monaco with her fiancee, NBA star Kris Humphries. That's the advantage of playing for the New Jersey Nets--You're always free to travel in June during the playoffs".  It's a long way back from 12-70.

Even Bill O'Reilly got in on the act...although hardly anyone considers O'Reilly a comedian. On Thursday, he named the two his "pinheads" of the day. While avowing that he believes in "true love" he called the ring "a bit much." Said O'Reilly: "a one million dollar ring would have been nice. Then you could have used the other million to help people who need assistance. So Ms. Kardashian and Mr. Humphries are pinheads."

Still, Kim and Kris have been trending on Yahoo!, Google and Twitter. Is any publicity good publicity?