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Is It Too Early to Speculate About Dwight Howard? If Not Now, When?

There was a bit of buzz Thursday when Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that Jim Buss, who's now running his dad's shop in L.A., has told his basketball people Andrew Bynum is "untouchable" in Laker trade discussions. 

"For now, this could include a sign-and-deal for the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard," writes Woj. "The Lakers are Howard’s preference, but they don’t have salary cap space to sign him. They’ll need a deal that includes Bynum to the Magic, but there are those seriously doubting Jim Buss’ desire to make such a trade."

So who does that leave...if true?  John Hollinger answered the question posed by a Nets fan in his chat.

"We'll see how 'un' the 'untouchable" is, but yes, if the Lakes won't go there and Howard is amenable to Brooklyn (which it appears he is), the Nyets would have the inside track", Hollinger wrote the fan. With an extension offer likely to turn into a pumpkin on July 1, pressure could start to build on all parties.

In a chat Friday, Ric Bucher says he thinks Howard has the Nets ranked third, behind the Magic and Mavericks and ahead of the Lakers. Orlando's position is precipitous, says Bucher. "For Orlando to keep him, they're going to have to make some serious deals, ones that I'm really doubtful they can pull off".