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Nets Set To Reveal Brooklyn Name; The Issue is More When Than What

The Nets are still the Nets and are likely to still be the Nets when they take the court in Brooklyn in October 2012.  They've trademarked virtually every combination of "Brooklyn" and "basketball", including the "Brooklyn Nets" but have not sought trademark protection on any team name other than "Brooklyn Nets" and "New York Nets".

So that should tell you something.  Here's something else. Brett Yormark tells Stefan Bondy he likes "Brooklyn Nets", that it's his preference. There's other hints as well. The architectural renderings of Barclays Center show the words "Brooklyn Nets" on either end of the basketball court.  Of course, the final word will come from Moscow and Mikhail Prokhorov who does after all own 80% of the team and who famously asked beat writers for their opinions on what the team's name should be.