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Seating Adds to Arena Look


As steel goes up around the perimeter of Barclays Center, the precast concrete seating sections are quickly following.  Tom Kaminski, CBS 880 chopper pilot, was overhead Wednesday and his images show that much of the lower bowl now has seating sections installed.

The arena's distinctive skin goes up in July.  Steel is starting to go up --so far only 35% has been erected-- along the arena's southern edge, where Daniel Goldstein's condominium once stood.  Once the truss arch  is completed, the roof will be installed.  According to the current timetable, the arena should be enclosed by year's end.

Meanwhile, at a sports business conference in Hoboken, a Knicks official would not concede Brooklyn to the Nets: “The five boroughs of New York; Connecticut; and New Jersey are Knicks country. We wouldn’t single out a single borough.”