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Avery Talks About Leadership, Patience and His Various Voices

Inc., the magazine for small businessmen and entrepreneurs, asked Avery Johnson for some leadership tips this month.  And the Nets coach, no shrinking violet, provided seven of them. In doing so, he talked about, among other things, how he viewed the challenge of coaching the Nets this past season. 

Johnson talks about how he had to learn the art of patience on arriving in New Jersey. "This was a total rebuild, for lack of a better word. It was a decimated situation, with the team having won just 12 games the year before I got here, going through two coaches and just kind of holding on for life, like any struggling business does."

The Nets coach also talks about the need for "different voices" -- "You need a teaching voice, a disciplinary voice, an angry voice, a loving voice, and an incensed voice".