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Yormark: Ticket Sales Down, But Revenue Up

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Back in the 1990's Brett Yormark worked next to Howard Nuchow in the Nets ticket office. Both left the team but this morning they were together on the dias at a Sports Business Journal event on ticketing. Yormark, of course, is CEO of the Nets; Nuchow is co-head of the CAA Sports which represents three players on the Heat you may have heard of.

SBJ and some participants tweeted live from the event, providing a number of insights into Yormark, the Nets' financial situation and ticketing strategies.

Among the headlines, the Nets sold fewer tickets last season than they did in the 12-70 debacle but ticket revenue was up 11% due to variable/dynamic pricing.

Yormark talked how he got started at the Nets but mostly about the challenges of being a lame duck in New Jersey ("very challenging"), adding he expects that to change in Brooklyn; his most creative deal (with Pathmark Supermarket to promote team in-store year round); the Nets' ticketing revenue stream (fewer sales but more revenue due to dynamic pricing: charging different prices to different consumers for similar tickets...which will continue in Brooklyn); and how the Nets are reducing the number of comps and will go even lower in Brooklyn. As for what drives him, it's the move...and the chase.