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Do Nets Like Leuer, Lee, Garrett?

In a somewhat cryptic tweet, Chad Ford wrote late Monday the Nets like Wisconsin big man Jon Leuer and two big point guards, 6'5"  Malcolm Lee of UCLA and 6'4" Diante Garrett of Iowa State. But apparently neither that nor Ford's claim that the Nets have begun individual workouts at PNY Center is quite as Ford tweeted.

The front office is in Minnesota for a two-day group workout and did get a look at the 6'11" Leuer Monday at the Timberwolves' training camp. All but five of the NBA's 30 teams gathered to watch 12 players. But, say team insiders, it's more that Leuer worked out well than they "like" him at #27 or #36.  Leuer, a Minnesota native, was the headliner.  The two day group workout continues Tuesday. The Nets haven't officially scheduled their first individual workout.