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Nets' Meeting With Kanter Is Side Benefit of Globalization, Brooklyn

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Enes Kanter, the 6'11" Turkish center, is likely to be picked near the top of the draft and the Nets' pick is at the opposite end of the draft, down at #27, the Lakers' pick. Yet, the draft's top big man decided to meet with the Nets in Chicago last week. It's about Mikhail Prokhorov's globalization effort ...and the move to Brooklyn.

Asked why Kanter would want to meet with a team so low in the draft, his agent, Max Ergul, told Sports Illustrated, "New owners [Russian Mikhail Prokhorov] have European ties, and they're moving to Brooklyn -- which has the No. 1 Turkish population -- so I wanted them to get to know Enes a little bit."

"Know", as in be tempted to move up in the draft? Ergul wouldn't say, but his client met with the Nets and Spurs, who are at #30, but declined a meeting with Sacramento at #7. Sounds like the agent would like to pick the NBA team Kanter will play for.