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The Transformation of The Hump

A year ago, he was unwanted, a player who disappointed the front office by opting to stay another year on his contract, costing the Nets $3.2 million in salary and cap space. Then, in order to keep open the possibilities of bringing in TWO max contracts, he was offered in a trade, along with a Nets first round pick, to a Western Conference team.

Finally, he was relegated to fourth string power forward in training camp, behind the newly acquired Troy Murphy, uber-pick Derrick Favors and opening night starter Joe Smith.  Even Travis Outlaw would be given a shot at the four. Of course rest is history.

But now, Hump is a double-double machine...and as Kim Kardashian's honey, an international celebrity.  Nothing shows the transformation more than a fashion spread in GQ, out Monday.  It's all "beefcake", as they say in the modeling trade, except for one comment. When asked what fans should watch if there's a lockout, Hump responded: "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."