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Prokhorov Says Entry Into Politics Won't Affect Nets "In Any Way"

In a statement emailed to NetsDaily, Mikhail Prokhorov says his decision to enter Russian politics will not affect his ownership of the Nets.

"I do not anticipate that my decision to take part in Russia's political process will affect the Nets in any way," Prokhorov said in statement forwarded by his spokesperson. "We have a great management team in place, and they will continue to handle the day-to-day issues for the club, as they have been until now. I will continue to be involved in the strategy for the Nets and, at the risk of sounding immodest, I'm known as a pretty good multi-tasker."

Prokhorov announced on May 16 that he will likely be taking over Pravoye Delo ("Just Cause"), small liberal, pro-business party. The party's congress is scheduled for June 25.  He will almost certainly lead the party in parliamentary elections this December and could be a candidate for president next March.