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Arena Tour Holds Significance for Duo

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Milton Lee and his University of Pennsylvania chum, Nets chairman Christopher Charlier got a tour of the Barclays Center Saturday.  Not such a big deal any more. A lot of people (even NetsDaily) have done the rounds in Brooklyn, but for the these two visitors, there was some added significance attached to the tour.

Lee got a chance to see the first concrete (literally) realization of his plans for the Nets locker room.  The director of basketball operations was tasked by Mikhail Prokhorov to make it "best in class" and after months of designs and re-designs, he got a first look at the product. So far, it's not much to look at it. Last week, the plumbing for the trainers' room was installed. (It was a busy weekend for Lee. He also helped run the Pre Draft Combine for the NBA.)

For Charlier, the visit (along with one by Irina Pavlova last week) were the first by Team Prokhorov's top people.  Charlier, a French banker who's Prokhorov's No. 3, handles the big business issues for the Nets...or as he's said, his task is to make a business out of the boss' desire to win a championship. Does this portend a visit by Prokhorov anytime soon. No one's saying. The last time he visited the site, he watched demolition teams start to tear down Daniel Goldstein's condo...his best "Darth Vader moment" we thought.