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Avery: Star Combo's Good for NBA

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ESPN is getting its money's worth with Avery Johnson.  In addition to his playoff analysis, Johnson has been appearing on ESPN Radio outlets. We've noted his appearance on ESPN 1050 in New York where he talked about his "strong bond" with Deron Williams and the role of Jay-Z in Nets basketball operations.

One theme he's carried there and elswhere is that "Big Threes" are good for the NBA, always have been, whether they're playing in Boston, Miami ... or even New Jersey or Brooklyn. "I think it's good," he told Adam Jones of ESPN Boston. "A lot of story lines.  Ratings are always high," adding on Colin Cowherd "[The Heat] are a rock and roll team. When they come into our's a home game for them. Of the 18,000, 12,000 are rooting for them."

Also, Net players might be advised to pick up a copy of "Lone Survivor", the story of a Navy SEAL who survived an attack by the Taliban. Johnson is reading it now, he told Cowherd, recommending its values of leadership, focus, loyalty.  He also told Jones he considers Jeff Green "a terrific talent, terrific talent."