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Individual Workouts Set to Begin

The Nets brain trust will be in Minnesota Monday and Tuesday watching group workouts.  Although the selection isn't as broad or as deep as the Pre-Draft Combine, they'll give the Nets second looks at some of the talent that may be available at #27 and #36 (or if they move up in the first and add another pick in the second).

Then in the next couple of weeks, expect a parade of prospects at the PNY Center. The Nets haven't announced who they'll have in, but already the players and their agents are letting people know they're heading to New Jersey for individual workouts.  Among those who've been talking: Jon Leuer, the 6'11" PF out of Wisconsin who a few draftniks have suggested the Nets could pick; E'Twaun Moore, the 6'4" SG out of Purdue; and Andrew Goudelock, the 6'2" combo guard out of Charleston.  All are seniors.