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King: "You Can Get a Player at #27"

Billy King is already looking to move up or even acquire a second first round pick. He's not adverse to using some of Mikhail Prokhorov's money or his own future assets to get another second rounder.  But even if he doesn't move up or acquire other picks, he's confident he can get value at #27 and #36.

"You can get a player," King said. "Generally when you’re picking down there, you’re generally going to get four-year guys who are more ready to play, maybe not in a starting role, but as a part of the piece of the puzzle. You’re getting guys that understand that … they may not start right away."

King also told Sports Xchange he looks first at simple things when evaluating players at group workouts or the Pre-Draft Combine: "The main thing I’m looking for is, is the guy in shape and does he play within the team?"