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Faried: "I Always Cheered the Nets"

Kenneth Faried, the rebounding machine out of Newark Technology High School and Morehead State was asked Friday if he was a Knicks fan growing up. After all, there's speculation that he'll wind up in New York, But where does he want to wind up?

""I always cheered on the Nets" Faried said. "Just to see how they've been struggling, it's kind of hard, but I was always a great Nets fan.'

One thing's certain about the night of June 23. He'll have a short commute to The Rock. "If I'm invited, it would be great to be there. It's my hometown. a lot of friends are talking to me about getting tickets. I don't know if I'll be lottery. We'll see if they invite me."

Another local product, point guard Charles Jenkins of Hofstra is getting attention from the Knicks and Nets who want to evaluate him in individual workouts. Andrew Goudelock, also a 6'2" combo guard out of Charleston, is reportedly coming in for a workout as well.