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Yormark on Marketing: "We Don't Sell Wins, We Sell Fun"

In an interview with ESPN Radio Friday, Brett Yormark talks about Barclays Center, but also about his own philosophy in marketing the Nets.  

"We don't sell wins. We sell fun," said Yormark, explaining, "Even if we make the playoffs every year and really compete for a championship, we still have to provide the extras, the value added, the fun, the culinary experience, the engagement and access to our players and coaches."

Implying other teams in New York are not offering the best service, Yormark noted, "Everyone of our employees at the Barclays Center will be trained by the Disney Institute.  We are going to refine the service experience."

The CEO of the Nets and Barclays Center also provided new details about Brooklyn saying before the "big ticketed event," to open the arena on September 28, 2012, there will be a "soft opening post-Labor Day" and "12-13 concerts" between the opening and the Nets first home game a month later. The building should be completed sometime early to mid August, he added.