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NetroCard? Nets, MTA Looking at Combo Ticket for Subway, Game


The Nets want you to take mass transit to the Barclays Center and are doing a number of things to make it so convenient you won't even be tempted to drive to the arena.  The Post reports the team and New York's MTA are talking about selling a combination MetroCard - Nets ticket for game days and limiting parking options.

Under one version of the plan, a fan would be able to buy the combo card at one of the MTA's MetroCard dispensing machines and use it to ride the subways or buses to the game, then use it to get through the arena turnstiles.  The combo card presumably would also be available for other events at the arena as well.

The team will also be limiting the number of parking spaces at the arena. Some 600 of the 1,100 parking spaces in an arena lot would be reserved for cars with at least three or more riders, and that Nets parking would be prepaid in advance.  It's all part of an overall strategy to include free subway fare with tickets, remote parking, cross marketing to spread arrivals and departures, HOV parking, bike parking, "limited onsite parking" and “the largest bike parking facility in North America", said arena representatives.

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