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Armor Happy With Nets as "Parent"

Springfield Armor
Springfield Armor

There's been a lot written about how advantageous the Springfield Armor affiliation is for the Nets.  Now, a Springfield writer looks at the arrangement from the Armor's side of the deal and thinks it's a win-win situation. 

The Armor are owned by Michael Savit, who also owns six minor league baseball teams. Having the Nets take control of basketball operations will free up money, just as major league baseball teams do for his minor league clubs. The situation is now quite the same, but as Savit's GM explains, the change should allow the Armor to spend more on promoting the team in the community and at the MassMutual Center, the 39-year-old arena that seats 7,600 fans for basketball games.

Not to mention that the Nets scouting operation will help them draft better players and the Nets affiliation will make the Armor coaching jobs more attractive to prospects.