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Giant Party Space Proposed Across Street from Barclays Center

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Barclays Center is quickly taking shape, with the distinctive facade about to become the next visual proof of how far along it is. At the same time, along the arena's periphery, new entertainment venues are being planned. Already, two sports bars have received approval and a third is seeking a liquor license.

Now the biggest venue is being offered to developers, a football field-sized party site directly across the street.  And critics of the arena are none too happy. Problem for them is that this time, it's one of the critics who's trying to make a buck! Henry Weinstein, who sued to stop eminent domain on another of his properties, is marketing a former furniture store in an online ad touting it as "perfect for ‘Dave and Busters’ type" entertainment".

"How about neon or digital behind glass, aimed at the crowds streaming into the Barclays Arena?" the ad asks. "Our architect calls it a ‘sexy space’ — we call it a freakin’ GOLDMINE for the right user!"  Critics are already freaked.