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Could Stern's Desire for Parity Hurt Prokhorov's Vision for the Nets?

It's been said that the current CBA negotiations are really three-sided talks, with the players, big market teams and small market teams all having their own agendas.  The small-market teams think the way things are structured now gives big advantages to the big, rich teams in the major metropolitan areas.

The Nets, with their stepchild location across the river, lousy venue, struggling owner and small local TV rights package, have been considered small market. Not anymore. Mikhail Prokhorov is spending millions, the Nets will be minutes from Wall Street, will be paying in a bright new arena that could be the best and the most expensive anywhere, and if the arbitration over TV rights is settled in their favor, more local TV money and exposure.

Too bad the new CBA could put the Nets at a disadvantage, writes Stefan Bondy after taking a look at the NBA's latest proposals, particularly the "franchise tag". He writes, "Prokhorov endorses the go-big-or-go-home blueprint, but he's facing a potential roadblock in a franchise player tag."

Could be worse. Could be the Knicks.