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King: "I'm Trying to Move Up Already or Even Acquire Another Pick"

The Draft Lottery is over and the Nets brain trust is in Chicago for the Pre-Draft Combine that runs through the weekend. Reps from 30 teams are on hand and will then head off to Minnesota Monday for a two-day group workout at the Timberwolves training camp. Lots of time to talk trade, something Billy King likes to do on Draft Day.

"I'm trying to move up already or even acquire another pick," said Billy King, not saying how he might "acquire" another pick or who he may be targeting. "I couldn't give you a percentage or odds if it'll happen, but we're trying."

King swung deals in seven of the 10 drafts he presided over as the Sixers general manager, as Fred Kerber reports. Three times, he did three deals in the 24 hours surrounding the draft. As he says, draft workouts are not just about watching or interviewing prospects. "The big thing for me is you get to talk to other teams."