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Arena a Month Ahead of Schedule


The latest analysis of progress at the Barclays Center construction site shows the arena is now a full month ahead of schedule. The transit connection which will link nine subway lines and the Long Island railroad to the arena's front door is two months ahead of schedule.

The analysis is updated monthly by a consultant who works for the projects' bond holders and is used to disburse funds for construction.  The new timetable is not expected to change the grand opening of the arena, scheduled for September 28, 2012. With fewer major construction projects underway in the city, there's plenty of material and labor available, often speeding up progress. The New Meadowlands Stadium was completed four months early.

Norman Oder, the critic and chronicler of Atlantic Yards, also points out a new line item in the consultant's report: "$2,928--a relatively small sum--for a 'Hockey Sightline Study'." Arena officials have said in the past that poor sightlines as well as small capacity hurts the arena's chances of attracting anything other than college hockey to Brooklyn.