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"Big O" Calls D-Will "As Good as Anyone" At the Point

Oscar Robertson, it can be argued, was the finest point guard in the history of the game.  Over his first five seasons, he averaged a triple double and was elected to the Hall of Fame his first year of eligibility.  And he still watches the game (although he's got issues with the lack of team play.)

So when he says someone is a top point guard, indeed the top point guard, you pay attention and that's what he said about Deron Williams on a Salt Lake City radio station Friday. 

"I thought Williams that you had was probably one of the better guards," he told KFAN's "DJ & PK in the Morning" when asked about the game's top point guards in recent years.

"And because he played in Utah he didn’t get the hype the kid down in New Orleans got, someone else or Jason Kidd, but they're no better than he is. I think he's as good as any of those basketball players...So I think Williams is one of the better guards and I’m sure that he’s going to be picked to play on the USA team in London for the next Olympics."