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Lottery More of a Footnote for Nets

For the first time in four years, Nets fans won't have to sweat the Draft Lottery.  They traded their first round pick to the Jazz in the Deron Williams deal. But there will be a little bit of suspense Tuesday night in Secaucus.

When the Kings won its tie-breaker with the Nets at season's end, it was bad news for the Jazz. They have one fewer ping-pong ball in the Draft Lottery hopper. Instead, the lottery impact for the Nets will come in the second round. Unless Sacramento gets into the top three, the Kings will pick 35th and the Nets 36th. If the Kings get in the top three, they will draft behind the Nets. Bottom line: Nets fans should root for the Kings to move up.  The Nets, of course, hold the Lakers' first rounder, #27, acquired in the Sasha Vujacic trade.

And to those who doesn't think it matters much, we would point out that Taj Gibson was taken with the 26th pick in the Draft and Omer Asik 36th.