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So...What Are They Up To?

They're not in the playoffs, so they have some free time. And so we decided to track them. Tracking Kris Humphries is easy. Just wait for the Kim Kardashian news to come to you, from their Mexican beach and party romp last week to their Miami retail space shopping with Kim this weekend. The gossip pages are better than GPS. (Looks like Hump has caught the globalization bug, too.)

Sasha Vujacic is also in the public eye, fist-pumping and cheering on his fiancee Maria Sharapova as she went for her first major singles title in three years Sunday in Rome.  Does having him there make her nervous?  "I’ve played too many matches to get nervous about that."  We all know where Brooklyn, uh Brook, Lopez has been: checking out Barclays Center and a nearby comic book store as well as planting trees in Newark. Last we saw of Deron Williams, he was participating with Tyreke Evans in a "Call of Duty: Black Ops" promotion in San Diego. Coach Avery Johnson was last seen at the Kentucky Derby but deep in the shadow of his wife, Cassandra. Mikhai Prokhorov? Making money.

We had a little trouble tracking Sundiata Gaines. He's recovering in Queens from a fractured hip Then, Sunday we saw that he's been watching local high schoolers in the Playaz Junior tournament.  We like that best of all.