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In Mock Drafts, No Consensus Yet

The draftniks have been active this week, posting new mock drafts. There's no consensus yet on who the Nets will take in the first (#27) or second (#35 or #36) in Newark on June 23, but two players, Justin Harper of Richmond gets a couple of votes from the dratniks, whose number will proliferate as the days dwindle down.

In the first mock drafts since last weekend's group workouts, the idea of team need is starting to take hold although it would be no surprise if the Nets took a swingman or a big that night.  After all, Billy King is on the record saying those are areas the Nets would be interested in filling.

Harper, at 6'10", is projected as a NBA small forward. He can shoot but there are questions about his motor. Davis Bertans is similarly sized and can shoot. He's also 18 and an international choice. He's projected around the Nets' first round pick. Two other names would seem odd choices.  Iman Shumpert, the Georgia Tech point guard, was roundly criticized for not helping Derrick Favors develop at GT. Besides, the Nets have four point guards under contract. Charles Jenkins of Hofstra is yet another point guard mentioned. Unlikely the Nets would pass on Kyle Singler for those two. In each of the mocks, the Dukie known to be favored by King goes right after the Nets pick.  We don't see that happening.