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Next Up in Nets' Draft Process: More Camps, Then Individual Tryouts

he Nets are talking to draft prospects and agents about scheduling individual tryouts but the first of those aren't expected till around Memorial Day or after. With the Nets' group workout done, the Chicago Pre-Draft Combine is next up, starting a week from Tuesday and running till May 22. The next day, another two-day group workout is scheduled for the Timberwolves training camp.

Word out of the weekend's workouts at PNY Center is that few players excelled with only one, Cory Joseph, a 6'3"Canadian-born point guard out of Texas, given much of a chance of breaking into the first round. Others who gained attention included Jamine "Greedy" Peterson, a 6'6" D-League combo forward; DeAnde Liggins, a 6'6" defensive stalwart out of Kentucky; Andrew Goudelock, a 6'2" combo guard out of Tennessee; and Jon Diebler, Ohio State's 6'6" sharpshooter. Carleton Scott, a 6'8" forward out of Notre Dame, says the Nets have contacted him about scheduling a tryout.

All told, 29 teams and 170 team personnel (including some D-league reps) participated.

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