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Do The Nets Have a New Slogan? "Game Recognizes Game"

Mike BTB - Brooklyn Trolley Blogger
Mike BTB - Brooklyn Trolley Blogger

It showed up Sunday on a new billboard along Flatbush Avenue on the way to the Manhattan Bridge.  The billboard looks a lot like the other Nets billboard on Flatbush and the one in Time Square a couple of miles away.  But in addition to "Welcome to Brooklyn", the new signage also highlights the phrase, "Game Recognizes Game."

There's been no explanation of the new slogan, but a guess or two: Deron Williams recognizes Brooklyn, or how about D-Will, who has a great game, recognizes that Brooklyn has a great game, too.  No surprise, considering that he called Barclays a "ballers' paradise." Brooklyn Trolley Blogger also notes something else about the sign: the Nets now have two billboards in Brooklyn.  Knicks have none.